If you wish to act as a proxy (using DurbaNite Race on behalf of someone else), you may only do so if you have their full consent and providing that they agree fully to these terms. If they do not agree to these terms, then you may not use this website on their behalf.

The term ‘entrant’ below refers to any entrant including yourself or anyone for whom you are acting as a proxy.

Participation in any of these events is done at the entrant’s own risk. To take part in any of these events, the entrants agree to indemnify the organisers and sponsors against any claims resulting from their participation.

You declare that all information supplied by you is true and correct, the entrants are in good health, physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in these events.

The entrants agree to abide by the rules, conditions and regulations of these events (including the payment of the non-refundable entry fee) as laid out in the respective brochures and websites for these events.

The entrants release and discharge the organisers of these events, all sponsors, volunteer groups, medical personnel, and any local authorities, from any loss or damage, however caused, arising from their participation in the events, including pre-event and post-event activities. This waiver applies to the entrants’ executors, heirs, administrators, assigns as well as the entrants themselves.

You and the entrants consent to DurbaNite Race supplying the entrant’s and your information to the organiser(s) of the event(s) entered.

You and the entrants agree to any additional terms and conditions as set out by the respective organisers of the events.

If you or the entrants do not agree to the above terms, you may not enter or participate in any of the events, nor may you continue to use DurbaNite Race.

By using this web site you agree to indemnify DurbaNite Race, its employees, directors, agents, licensors, suppliers and holding company from any claim, action, demand, settlement or liability resulting from, or alleged to result from your use thereof.